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Ailin Li, OMD, LAc PDF Print E-mail

MD, OBGYN, OMD in China;  DAOM,  LAc in United States

Physician in GuangDong Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guang Zhou, ChinaEileen.1

Physician in 301 Hospital (People's Liberal Army General Hospital), Beijing, China

Dr. Ailin Li has been trained in Western Allopathic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in both China and U.S. She has years of clinical experience in Gynecology as well as Oriental Medicine, expertise in integrative medicine of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Li's specialties are weight loss; pain management; women's health problems such as menopause, menstrual disorder, and infertility; facial rejuvenation, stress, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, chemotherapy side effects, etc.


Dr. Li has also been working for US-China Medical Data Cooperation as a coordinator and organizer in China. Because of her contribution, she has achieved the first approval by the China Ministry of Education of the recognition of an Acupuncture and Oriental Medical degree from an educational institution. This is the first one ever accepted by the Chinese government and a major milestone in the Acupuncture and Oriental Medical education history in the U.S.  


Dr. Li is also a Board Member of the China National Health and Medical Data Sharing Project, she was a key organizer of 298 XiangShan International Conference in China and international medical conference speaker. 


Dr Li is a co-author of " Cognitive Problems of Chemo Brain", which will be published by QingHua University Press of China. 

Dr Li is a provider and member of American Pregnancy Association (APA) , She is also a provider and member of North American Menopause Society (NAMS)



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